Reflection 1

I would never call myself a good writer by any means. All my life, it is something that I have struggled with for whatever reason that is. I have gotten by in school by being an average writer, but it is something that I wish I was much better at. When you think about, coding is just another form of writing. Granted, coding has a steeper learning curve than writing in English class. I mentioned being an average writer earlier and how I have gotten by in school by being an OK or average writer because in coding being average does not get you very far. Coding requires a lot of practice and trying out different techniques to succeed. It may be a little corny to say, but there is a strong correlation between a Brackets page and a notebook. A brackets page (whether a HTML or CSS) allows a coder to be in control of what goes on their site. In our case, we wrote our resume on our site using coding and this is not much different than a writer stylizing their resume on a piece of paper. Both the coder and the writer have the power to convey their message by writing it out. However, while they have the same idea, it is a tad reductive to compare writing words on a paper and writing in Brackets. I believe this because writing HTML and CSS requires you to learn a whole new language and then implement said language in not a lot of time. Writing in English class is something that I have done for much longer and it is not as complex as learning to write code.

Reflection 2

In terms of progress that I have made in class, I believe that I have made a lot of progress relative to where I started. Like many of my peers, I started this class with no experience in the web languages that are HTML and CSS; nor any experience in coding specific programs like Filezilla or Brackets. I had always heard that coding was a difficult thing to do and that made me rather nervous. My fears were confirmed when I experienced a harsh learning curve in this class at the beginning of the semester. It seemed like every time I learned something new in terms of coding; ten new concepts were introduced the next day. This was a vicious cycle that was ongoing until the day we met for the resume draft discussion. It was on that day, that I realized how far behind I was on my CSS file. It became clear to me that I really needed to focus on improving my CSS file. It was in rough shape to say the least. Later that day, I went back home and worked on my CSS for five or six hours. After all that work, I finally felt that I had coded a website that was something that I could be proud of. This is because it finally looked like something that I had envisioned in my head at the beginning of the assignment. Compared to where I was at the beginning of the semester (or even earlier that day), it was night and day. I may not have the nicest website in the class, but I am proud of myself for how much progress I have made thus far. At the current moment, I feel like I have a much-improved level of comfort in coding and designing a website. I am determined to make even more progress in the second half of the semester of Web Design.