Final Reflection Two

I believe that I have made tremendous amounts of progress in both my coding skills and the overall design of my website since when our Resume was due. When I handed in my Resume, I had only really started to kind of understand both HTML, CSS, and how they worked in tandem. The second assignment asked us to take our Resume HTML page we made and use it as a base for an entire website complete with a home page with a background image, a portfolio page, and a contact page made by a third part website. This was a big task and at first, I was scared about it. The amount of coding skills that I have learned from the midterm is a long one. These include making a background image, installing a navigation bar that linked through all my HTML pages, how to add images to your page and how to edit them. This is a lot of material to learn in half of a semester, but I did. These learned skills are what I would consider the successes of the second project. I went from having one page on my website to having multiple HTML and two CSS pages that are linked by a navigation bar. Everything that I wanted to complete for my Responsive Website project, I did. That is not to say my site is finished, but I am thrilled at my progress from project one to project two. A few classes ago, you asked us to write down some HTML and CSS concepts that we either did not understand or just wanted to get better at. We went around the table and read them out loud. Even in the short amount of time between then and now, I can confidently say that most of those concepts do not confuse or cause me trouble anymore. I believe that I am better at HTML than I am at CSS. However, this does not negate the progress that I believe I have made since the Resume assignment was due. A few days before the Resume assignment was due, I was clueless on CSS and now I have a good knowledge. While I feel that I have reached where I wanted to be on this assignment, there is always room to grow and learn. You are never done learning, especially in the challenging world of web design. My advice for future classes is to always be willing to learn in this class. There are always new concepts or ideas to explore and try out on your site.