Final Reflection One

I believe that my website has an emotional and responsive design. From the second you arrive on my page, you see a beautiful picture of the Duomo in Florence, Italy during the annual Christmas tree lighting. As the picture shows, thousands of people turn out every year for this ceremony. You can feel the excitement for Christmas that the people in the picture have. I picked this picture because it shows some of my photography off and I think it’s emotionally potent. This background photo is large and features my name in big letters, so it has an inviting element to it. Another element of responsive and emotional design is providing examples on your site. It would be rather boring if your site was just filled with text. That is why I made sure to include examples of my work on my portfolio HTML page. These examples include links to said work in the unordered lists I have on there. If you are not into clicking on links, I made sure to include pictures of my work. This can also be helpful for future employers. If you include your website on an application, having examples of your work right there on the page is helpful for them and could decide if you get the job or not. Responsive design also includes designing for those with accessibility issues. Therefore, I made sure to include both titles and alt text in my HTML documents for each of the photos I included on my website. An integral part of responsive design that is exemplified on my website is the inclusion of the navigation bar that is on each of my pages. This is responsive design because it is something that is helpful to those that are on your website. Not only does it look pleasing to the eye, it makes navigating throughout your website much easier. You can go from my contact page to my resume page with just a click and that is super helpful. My initial sketches of my website have obviously been more fleshed out with time, but some of the ideas that I had from the sketches made it on to my final website. The main two ideas that made it onto the website are the background color of blue on my CSS and the use of a two-column structure on my about and portfolio pages. I believe blue is an inviting color and that is why it is all over my sight. This is a strictly emotional decision on my part. The two-column structure is more an aesthetic choice on my part, but I believe it helps the reader of my website focus on the information that truly matters. If I had more time to add things to my website, I would make it more emotional and/or responsive. Some ways I could do this is include videos or a slideshow of my work. Something I also could do would be add more accessibility features beyond just the alt and title tags of photos.